At the momentEcotable : a Committed Restaurant
Restaurant Le Diable au Cœur est Ecotable

Ecotable : a Committed Restaurant

Located at the top of the Diable chairlift in the superb Les 2 Alpes ski resort, the high-altitude restaurant "Le Diable au Coeur" stands out for its commitment to sustainability, attested by its Ecotable label. This label, awarded to environmentally-friendly catering establishments, testifies to the restaurant's ongoing efforts to minimize its ecological impact. while offering an exceptional culinary experience.

One of the main added values of the Ecotable label is the priority given to local and seasonal products. Le Diable au Coeur sources its ingredients from local producers, promoting the regional economy while reducing the carbon footprint associated with transporting the resources needed to prepare its dishes. Made with fresh, seasonal ingredients, they guarantee an authentic taste experience, while supporting sustainable agriculture.

Montagnes des 2 Alpes

This initiative is part of a global initiative to promote a clean and preserved environment, in harmony with the superb surrounding mountain landscapes...

The Ecotable label also recognizes energy-saving initiatives. The restaurant has invested in energy-efficient equipment, reducing its electricity consumption and helping to reduce its carbon footprint.

Eat good and better!

By choosing Le Diable au Coeur restaurant, skiers and visitors to Les 2 Alpes opt not only for fine cuisine and breathtaking views, but also for an environmentally-friendly dining experience.

The Ecotable label confirms that the high-altitude restaurant skilfully combines culinary pleasure with ecological responsibility, creating an exemplary culinary destination in the heart of the snowy peaks.

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