Snacking Aux 2 Alpes

Quick Pleasures & Fresh Pasta

Drop in, order and take away or eat in between 2 runs! Our snacking area offers a tasty range of dishes to take away or devour on the go, featuring fresh homemade pasta made with local products (organic flour...), and what's more, prepared with love and passion.

On-site or takeaway

Pleasures Fast & Pasta Fresh

If you're looking for flavors to go, our Snacking area is the place for you. For a quick lunch break or a snack on the slopes, our delicious offerings are both convenient and deliciously satisfying. We've worked hard to create a menu that offers something for everyone, with a particular focus on fresh pasta, ready to be devoured at a moment's notice.

Snacking on site or takeaway

A small break freshness for visit more pressed

For those who prefer to relax and enjoy their meal on the spot, our Snacking area also offers a comfortable and welcoming setting. Take time to sit back, relax and enjoy our delicious fresh pasta. Our space is a gathering place, a place where you can laugh, share and create memories over a good meal. Join us and enjoy the friendly, relaxed atmosphere of our Snacking area.


Menu Patate € 14.00

Hot potato
Drinks 30cl

Radiatore menu €17.00

Pasta (cheese)
Drinks 30cl

Pancake menu
9,50 €

Nutella pancake
Drinks 30cl

Menu Patate - €14.00

Main course + Dessert + Drink 30cl

Hot potato, Dessert, Drink 30cl

Hot Potatoe, Dessert and Drink

Radiatore Menu - €17.00

Main course + Dessert + Drink 30cl

Pasta (cheese), Dessert and Drink 30cl

Organic Homemade pasta, Dessert and Drink

Menu Crêpes - €17.00

Main course + Dessert + Drink 30cl

Nutella pancake and 30cl drink

Chocolate Crepe and Drink

Sports menu - €17.50


Radiatori organic fresh pasta made on site

choice of sauce: Bolognese , Montagnarde or Pesto


Brownie or Cookie

+ Drink

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