AgendaEvening events at the 2 Alpes summit
Evènements & soirées au Diable au coeur

Evening events at the 2 Alpes summit

In the heart of the popular resort of Les 2 Alpes, the high-altitude restaurant "Le Diable au Coeur" and its adjoining bar "La Rotonde" are transformed every Thursday evening into a vibrant stage for not-to-be-missed events. Drom 7pm to 10:30pm, these exceptional venues offer a unique night-time experience, made even more special by the use of the Diable gondola chairlift.

Event evenings at Le Diable au Coeur promise an enchanting combination of refined gastronomy, captivating entertainment and a convivial atmosphere. Guests have the opportunity to reserve their place at these exclusive evenings, where creative cuisine and exquisite flavors combine perfectly with a breathtaking view of the snow-capped peaks of the Alps.

Bar Evènements tous les jeudis
La Rotonde bar at Le Diable au Coeur restaurant is transformed into a lively place where guests can relax and enjoy a selection of creative cocktails, fine wines and local beers...

The restaurant offers an exceptional menu and drinks menu for these evenings, featuring dishes made with local, seasonal produce and exceptional wines & spirits. Every bite is a celebration of culinary delights, while the warm ambience and attentive service create a memorable experience. Le Diable au Coeur combines haute cuisine with a relaxed atmosphere, offering guests unforgettable evenings.

Location from your appointments à not to be missed no pretext!

Live music and DJs add a festive touch to the atmosphere, transforming La Rotonde into a veritable meeting point for lovers of high-altitude nightlife.

The use of the new Diable gondola chairlift adds a spectacular dimension to these evening events. Guests have easy access to the summit, enjoying a scenic ride before reaching the restaurant and bar. This unique experience enhances the appeal of these evenings, creating a magical link between mountain adventure and lively nightlife.

plat de moule au diable au coeur
Bar Evènements tous les jeudis

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In short, evening events at Le Diable au Coeur and La Rotonde are much more than just a meal or a night at the bar. They're a celebration of culinary art, entertainment and conviviality, all wrapped up in the wintry charm of Les 2 Alpes.

Would you like to organize a private or professional event? You can book Le Diable au Coeur for your business meals, weddings and anniversaries!

Book your place now for an unforgettable experience at the summit of the Alps.


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